About Us

We are a UK-based games, Web design and multimedia company. If you've heard we've been in business since 1999: it's true.

We began as Web designers in 1999, creating sites at an affordable price in an age when they cost far too much.

We are not affiliated to any another company and are not 'partners' with any major corporations.

We have never outsourced our work: everything we've created, we've created.

We do not re-sell Webspace, domain names or indeed, anything.

We are still a small company, focussed on design.

We are just here, not on social media.

We've always been Cookie Dude.


Formerly, we specialised in Adobe Flash, but after its demise moved to the realm of game design - and we don't mean little ones you play in a browser!

However, we still create Web sites, 3D visualisations, electronic brand identities, DVD menus and multi-purpose graphics, as we have always done.