Game Design

Maybe you haven't realised it yet, but games could be the next generation of advertising.

Game Design


Up until a few years ago, people were impressed by exciting, interactive Websites. We used to make them. Today companies generate interest by offering phone apps to the public. These have many different uses, but one in particular: to remind the user what the company is and does. Many phone apps merely do what you can already do simply by visiting that company's Website.

Offering your customers a game [if appropriate: not a good idea for funeral directors] takes things to another level. An ad banner on a Website, if not filtered out by an ad blocker, will be glimpsed for only a brief second, but a simple, entertaining game will hold your customers' attention for much longer.

We can create games for any platform; to name but a few: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, Playstation, XBox.

But how do you get people to download our game?

By offering them an incentive! This need not be a cash prize or anything expensive, it could simply be 20% off one of your products/services - if they score above a certain amount! Naturally, your game will be free for anyone to download via your company Web site and/or established download centres like Google Play and iTunes.

And that's not all...

Exhibitions are boring, aren't they? Company stands have those huge TVs showing slick presentation videos - over and over again. If your stand's TV was hooked up to a game console running a bespoke game themed around your company/industry, you know where everyone would be.

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Game Design