Zero Gravity Snooker

This is the first game we have made, and unlike other [saner] game designers who would file it away somewhere no-one could ever find it, we are offering ours as a free download.

As its title suggests, it's a simple concept game in which you play snooker in a 3D environment. Full instructions are included in the game.

It is suitable for people of all ages: snooker isn't a violent game.


Current Version: 0.1 Alpha [First Public Release]

Windows 7/8/10 Download Windows Version
Linux Version Linux Version
Mac Version Mac Version


Notes about this release:
No touchscreen option: desktop/laptop computers only. Mouse required!
No AI: player vs player only, no player vs game option
No Pool option: future releases will include American Pool
Currently only available for Windows
16:9 aspect ratio
This game is provided as is with no warranty, for entertainment purposes only